Extended Core Pallet Wrap

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PW17-0168CLEAR HAND STRETCH FILM 17Mu EX CORES400mm x 3000006£35.28£28.56£26.88£25.20
PW17-0668BLACK HAND WRAP 17MU EX CORES400mm x 3000006£40.82£33.05£31.10£29.16
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Also known as stretch film, our selection includes extended-core rolls suitable for freehand wrapping and others for use with handheld dispensers or machine. All products are high performance with excellent tear resistance and tack.

How does pallet wrap stretch?

Pallet wrap is also known as Stretch Film or Stretch Wrap. Our selection includes extended core rolls which are suitable for wrapping freehand and flush core which is for use with a handheld dispenser or machine.

All our Stretch Wrap are high performance with excellent tack and tear resistant.

Is shrink wrap the same as cling film?

No – Shrink wrap is a film that is for use with a heat gun. Shrink wrap will shrink securely around an item once the heat has been applied.

What is a stretch wrapper?

A stretch wrapper is a machine that wraps the pallets without needing to wrap them freehand.


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