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BUBBLE-01Aircap EL Bubble Wrap 1200 x 100 Small Bubble1200 x 1001£23.41£16.63£16.26£16.02
BUBBLE-02Aircap EL Bubble Wrap 600 x 100 Small Bubble600 x 1002£23.41£16.63£16.26£16.02
BUBBLE-03Aircap EL Bubble Wrap 1500 x 100 Small Bubble1500 x 1001£26.27£24.46£23.92£23.56
BUBBLE-07Aircap EL Bubble Wrap 500 x 100 Small Bubble500 x 1003£26.18£20.79£20.33£20.02
BUBBLE-04Aircap EL Bubble Wrap 750 x 100 Small Bubble750 x 1002£26.18£20.79£20.33£20.02
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Bubble wrap is one of the most popular protective packaging solutions. It is lightweight and shock absorbent, and the air bubbles offer high levels of cushioning and protection for fragile products.

Bubble bags and bubble pouches are available in different sizes and feature a strong, peel-and-seal adhesive strip for quick and easy closure.

Bubble wrap is available in rolls and can be cut to any required size, offering versatility when mailing out delicate items.

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What is Bubble Wrap made of?

Aircap Bubble wrap is manufactured from Polythene of low density (LLDPE + HDPE)

How effective is Bubble Wrap?

Our Sealed Air bubble wrap is the most popular on the market due to its reliable performance.

Bubble wrap works by placing a layer of Poly and air between surfaces which provides cushioning, the effectiveness is determined by the quality of the bubble wrap and correct application.

Longer Lasting Protection – Our full air bubble maintains consistent cushioning during storage and transit.

Do the bubbles on Bubble Wrap face in or out?

The bubbles need to face inwards as these are what protect your items.

What can you protect with bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is used to protect various items such as:

Used by E-commerce companies to protect items during shipping
Lightweight cushioning and surface protection for china and ceramic goods
Interleave between fruits/chocolates
Surface protection for furniture
To protect high-value items during storage and shipping
Less conventional use – Bubble wrap is a great item for stress relief, the popping of the bubbles can help relieve stress and tension.


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