White Protective Packaging Bubble Postal Bags

Price Per PackQty
PP-BPB-167Mail Lite B/00 White120 x 210MM100£7.47£7.28£7.24£7.20
PP-BPB-168Mail Lite D1White180 x 260MM100£11.03£10.55£10.50£9.98
PP-BPB-169Mail Lite F3220 x 330MM50£7.69£7.36£7.32£6.95
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Mail Lite by Sealed Air are the only protective mailer lined with Aircap® bubble material which contains a special air retention barrier to seal very bubble against air loss for high performance cushioning. 

Lightweight, durable with a strong self-seal closure they are the ideal choice for low cost postal mailings.

Mail Lite® have an easy to write on surface and excellent label adhesion. There is a unique tear strip feature for quick and easy opening. Mail Lite® is light weight to comparative traditional packaging by 35%.


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