Plastic Bags

Clear polythene bags are one of the most popular forms of low-cost packaging. Also referred to as plastic bags, they provide hygienic protection against dust and moisture while keeping contents visible. Our clear plastic bags are all food grade. All are available immediately from stock, so order any working day before 4 pm and receive them tomorrow UK Mainland! Product performance guaranteed.

To know more about the thickness of the bag you require for your requirement, please refer to our How to Choose

If you do not see the size you require, or you require a bespoke sized bag or with a specific printed logo or message, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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How harmful are plastic bags for the environment?

The plastics industry has been at the receiving end of a great deal of bad press and public unrest recently. The controversy surrounding single-use plastics is particularly fierce.

What the speculation and discussions sometimes fail to take into account is the long-standing efforts of the industry to manage its environmental impact. This includes investing a great deal into ways of recycling plastics, and then to reuse them to reduce reliance on “virgin” components.
One of the biggest myths that abound is that the recycling potential of plastic packaging is severely limited. You may also be unaware of how easy it is to buy biodegradable plastic bags. It’s even possible to source compostable plastic bags!

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