Heavy Clear Polythene Bags

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002C4004 x 6102 x 1521000
004C4006 x 8152 x 203500
005C4007 x 9178 x 229500
006C4008 x 10203 x 254500
007C4008 x 12203 x 305500
008C40010 x 12254 x 305250
009C40010 x 15254 x 381250
010C40012 x 15305 x 381250
011C40012 x 18305 x 457250
012C40015 x 20381 x 508200
014C40018 x 24457 x 60950
016C40020 x 30508 x 76250
018C40024 x 36610 x 91450
024A40036 x 48914 x 120025


To know more about the thickness of the bag you require for your requirement, please refer to our How to Choose guide.




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