Medium Clear Polythene Bags

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002B2004 x 6102 x 1521000
004B2006 x 8152 x 2031000
005B2007 x 9178 x 2291000
006B2008 x 10203 x 2541000
007B2008 x 12203 x 3051000
008B20010 x 12254 x 305500
009B20010 x 15254 x 381500
010B20012 x 15305 x 381500
011B20012 x 18305 x 457500
012B20015 x 20381 x 508500
014B20018 x 24457 x 609125
016B20020 x 30508 x 762125
018B20024 x 36610 x 914125


Plastic or poly bags are a practical way to solve lots of commercial problems.

They can be used for display purposes or to maintain the quality and standard of products that would be damaged if they were kept in an open environment. They are also ideal for mailing packages or documents.

Plastic sacks and black bags are also a popular waste disposal solution.


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