Light Clear Polythene Bags

Price Per PackQty
002A804 x 6102 x 1521000£2.44£2.44£2.44£2.35
004A806 x 8152 x 2031000£4.60£4.60£4.43£3.72
005A807 x 9178 x 2291000£6.03£5.80£4.87£4.87
006A808 x 10203 x 2541000£7.64£7.35£6.17£5.59
007A808 x 12203 x 3051000£9.31£8.95£7.52£6.80
008A8010 x 12254 x 3051000£11.49£9.28£8.40£7.51
009A8010 x 15254 x 3811000£14.35£11.59£10.49£9.38
010A8012 x 15305 x 3811000£17.21£13.90£11.25£10.59
011A8012 x 18305 x 4571000£19.88£15.11£13.52£12.72
012A8015 x 20381 x 5081000£27.60£20.98£17.66£17.66
014A8018 x 24457 x 609500£16.70£13.52£12.72£11.93
016A8020 x 30508 x 762500£23.18£17.66£16.56£16.56
018A8024 x 36610 x 914250£15.11£12.72£11.93£11.13
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Our light clear plastic bags provide hygienic protection against dust and moisture while keeping contents visible.

What can plastic bags be used for?

Plastic or Polythene bags have multiple uses they can be used for transporting items such as food, clothing, food storage, and garbage/garden waste. They can also be used to protect items during painting/decorating.


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